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How much will it cost to sell my property?

At Elders Real Estate Forster we will discuss our commission fee that will include everything necessary to find the best buyer for your property with no hidden extras. Our experienced agents will clearly detail our commission, your marketing costs as well as any additional costs you may incur such as solicitor/conveyancing fees.

When deciding which agent to use, keep in mind the cheapest commission can cost you more, as it doesn’t necessarily translate into the best results.

Our award-winning team are skilled negotiators in achieving outstanding results. We are straight talkers and believe in keeping it REAL, as well as offering professional advice in selling your most valuable asset.

How does Elders Forster achieve a premium price?

It starts with understanding your goals in our first meeting and discussing ways to increase your home’s value and present it in the best possible way. We’ve developed a successful sales system to maximise the return on your home and achieve the best possible outcome.

Do I have to have open for inspections?

It is a personal choice whether you have open for inspections and your agent can help you select the most suitable option for you and how to best manage buyer expectations. It’s important to remember that there are two types of property inspections. You can arrange to have open inspections or private appointments when selling your home. Both of these offer numerous benefits but may have different consequences depending on your property.

The team at Elders Forster are experienced in guiding you through the options to ensure a minimum of stress in selling your property.

When do I pay for the marketing costs?

You can pay for your marketing costs at settlement and the costs can be deducted from the settlement amount. Otherwise you can elect to pay at the start of the sales campaign and receive a discount on the total amount. We are flexible and happy to work in with what suits you best.

When is the best time to put my house on the market?

We can find buyers at any time of the year. Due to our beachside location, even listing during the Christmas holiday period can be a rewarding experience. Because everyone’s personal and financial situation are different, the best time to sell your property is when it suits you. Don’t worry about the seasons. There are buyers ready to buy at all times of the year and there are advantages to selling depending on your own personal circumstances.

Whether you are ready to sell or looking for advice, contact the team at Elders Forster on 02 6555 2188 for a fresh approach to real estate.